Please use our FAQ section to quickly find solutions to your software issues.

Okay, so congratulations on your recent purchase. We are confident that our software will provide you with the necessary tools that you need to grow your business and improve your ratings.

However, there may be a time when you encounter a problem or need some advice on some aspect of this purchase. So whilst we do have a system in place whereby you can submit a ticket of enquiry regarding your particular problem, we may not always be able to get back to you immediately, with the solution. We understand this can be a little frustrating and may not be ideal.

Therefore in order to save you time, we have begun creating software specific FAQ that you can access from this site, which will hopefully enable you to identify and resolve the problem yourself immediately, without the need to submit a ticket and wait for a response from the helpdesk. From now on this will be the preferred option for your enquiries about specific software issues.

It is very simple to use this new FAQ feature on our website, simply go to the top righthand side on the main homepage and use the search field to type in your problem. The best way to come up with the information you need is to first of all type the name or initials of the software you are having a problem with. For example: Video Synd Auto, or VSA. This will bring up all the current issues dealing with this software. Simply click on the link which sounds most like your problem and read the answer.

Please note, this feature is a new addition to our website and we are currently adding FAQ daily and improving this service. Eventually we aim to provide a comprehensive list of solutions to cover most if not all of our customer's most frequently asked questions.



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    Ben Kanspedos
    Hi, According to the tutorial, I've done all right of IFTTT software. There was a problem i faced. Please gave me a solution. I was recommended to you to resolve this issue. Thanks
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